Communication Skills Training For Business Professionals

All of us have to communicate in our offices, our schools and our homes.  Why then do we have so much trouble?  Surprisingly, few of us have learned how to organize our thoughts for maximum effectiveness.  However, we can learn alot about communications by listening to media experts. 


Think On Your Feet® is a communications skills training program for business professionals.  It takes communication techniques, honed by media professionals, and tailors them to situations faced by business people the world over.  Who hasn’t been put on the spot in a business meeting, or asked to give an impromptu report on a project with little or no preparation?  Who wouldn’t want a sure fire way to lessen the pressure & improve impact? 


Broadly speaking, the Think On Your Feet® program recognizes that effective communication requires us to organize our thoughts.  More specifically, we must organize our thoughts into simple word patterns that our listeners can easily follow. And even more to the point, we must ensure we speak with Clarity, Brevity and Impact™ – the hallmarks of great communication. 


Picture taking a long driving holiday with no clear destination or roadmap.  Imagine the confusion and queries from your traveling companions about where you’re going and when you’ll get there.  Well, communicating without clarity is alot like taking a long car ride without proper navigation.  It’s long, tiring and rambling.


On the other hand, picture a well planned driving trip.  One where the destination is clearly stated and the map is well marked with rest stops along the way.  This scenario makes for a better trip for both the driver and the passenger.  Communicating with Think On Your Feet® is like letting your listeners (passengers) know where you’re going, and what they’re going to see (hear) along the route.  It helps both you and your listeners focus on the message (trip) and get to your destination directly.


 Fortune 1000 firms, mid-sized businesses, and corporate universities are learning how to enhance their business communications through Think On Your Feet® training programs.  They are ensuring that their front-line staff, business professionals, and managers develop this new competency in business communication. 


Suzanne Guthrie, of Bold New Directions, is an accredited facilitator and affiliate of Think On Your Feet® International.  She leads Think On Your Feet® workshops across North America from her base in New England.  When your organization is looking to improve communication skills, consider Think On Your Feet®. Or if you have an interest in presentation skills look at the sister program called The Skilled Presenter.   For more information about our training programs please go to the Bold New Directions website at