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Presentation Skills Training Gets You Ahead In Your Workplace

In today’s economy, most professionals are aware of the need to perform well on the job. It’s a tough market and in times of trouble you want to be noticed for your ability, not only to do your job, but to shine in all situations. What can you do to improve your retainability?  How about setting a bold new direction?

Participating in Presentation Skills Training is a surefire strategy to improve your impact at work. Here are three reasons why it pays to invest in your ability to present to groups – both large and small:

1. Increase Your Confidence
Presentation Skills Training takes you through a learning process which includes videotaping your performance and reviewing specific feedback on how to improve. Look for a program that allows you to get taped several times so that you can see your progress over time. By giving presentations to a small audience and being taped, you gain the experience of “just doing it” which automatically increases your confidence. And we all know that a confident presenter speaks volumes over someone who is tentative or uncomfortable at the podium.

2. Increase Your Impact
Once you’re comfortable in front of a group you can work on your impact by playing with several dynamics including vocals, visuals, and verbal content. A polished presenter knows the importance of using their voice to engage the audience. They do this by varying their pitch, their volume and even their pace. Moreover, a seasoned presenter knows how to use visual aids and structure their remarks in a way that maximizes audience involvement. Ultimately, these skills show up in formal presentations as well as day to day discussions and meetings. Making the investment in presentations skills training enhances your ability to make an impact in the boardroom, the client meeting, and in everyday discussions. 

3. Stand Out from the Pack
When it comes right down to it, management notices those who stand out from the pack. In today’s hectic environment, the professional who is comfortable giving an impromtpu presentation distinguishes him or herself from others. Increased comfort and confidence in presentation skills allows one to display leadership in meetings….without worrying about words, gestures, or nervousness.  Stand out from your peers by demonstrating that you are an accomplished presenter who is comfortable in front of a crowd. You’ll be glad you did when you get that next promotion!

There are a variety of presentations skills training programs to choose from.  At Bold New Directions, a transformational learning organization, we have seen huge success with the Skilled Presenter™, Powerful Presentation Coaching, and Think On Your Feet® workshops.  Suzanne Guthrie, co-founder of Bold New Directions, points out that “even the shyest and most timid person came make an impact with targeted presentations skills training and coaching”.  For more information about our presentation skills training, business communications workshops, and coaching programs check out our website at

Bold New Directions is a Transformational Learning Organization co-founded by Suzanne Guthrie and Jim Hornickel. Between them they have 50 years of experience in facilitating group training in Communications Skills, Leadership Skills, and Resilience in the Workplace. You can learn more about them and their training, coaching, keynotes and retreats by going to

Communication Skills Training For Business Professionals

All of us have to communicate in our offices, our schools and our homes.  Why then do we have so much trouble?  Surprisingly, few of us have learned how to organize our thoughts for maximum effectiveness.  However, we can learn alot about communications by listening to media experts. 


Think On Your Feet® is a communications skills training program for business professionals.  It takes communication techniques, honed by media professionals, and tailors them to situations faced by business people the world over.  Who hasn’t been put on the spot in a business meeting, or asked to give an impromptu report on a project with little or no preparation?  Who wouldn’t want a sure fire way to lessen the pressure & improve impact? 


Broadly speaking, the Think On Your Feet® program recognizes that effective communication requires us to organize our thoughts.  More specifically, we must organize our thoughts into simple word patterns that our listeners can easily follow. And even more to the point, we must ensure we speak with Clarity, Brevity and Impact™ – the hallmarks of great communication. 


Picture taking a long driving holiday with no clear destination or roadmap.  Imagine the confusion and queries from your traveling companions about where you’re going and when you’ll get there.  Well, communicating without clarity is alot like taking a long car ride without proper navigation.  It’s long, tiring and rambling.


On the other hand, picture a well planned driving trip.  One where the destination is clearly stated and the map is well marked with rest stops along the way.  This scenario makes for a better trip for both the driver and the passenger.  Communicating with Think On Your Feet® is like letting your listeners (passengers) know where you’re going, and what they’re going to see (hear) along the route.  It helps both you and your listeners focus on the message (trip) and get to your destination directly.


 Fortune 1000 firms, mid-sized businesses, and corporate universities are learning how to enhance their business communications through Think On Your Feet® training programs.  They are ensuring that their front-line staff, business professionals, and managers develop this new competency in business communication. 


Suzanne Guthrie, of Bold New Directions, is an accredited facilitator and affiliate of Think On Your Feet® International.  She leads Think On Your Feet® workshops across North America from her base in New England.  When your organization is looking to improve communication skills, consider Think On Your Feet®. Or if you have an interest in presentation skills look at the sister program called The Skilled Presenter.   For more information about our training programs please go to the Bold New Directions website at