Think On Your Feet® – Communication Skills Training For the Workplace

Communicating in the workplace is challenging at the best of times.  What about those situations when you are put on the spot and asked to give an impromptu report in an important business meeting.  Are you up to the challenge or, like many, do you feel daunted and panicked?  Most business professionals confess to the latter and struggle to share their thoughts in a clear and concise manner. 

Bold New Directions is pleased to announce a new course offering called Think On Your Feet®.  It is a contemporary business communication skills workshop that helps people organize their thoughts quickly & on the spot.  Working closely with global headquarters in Canada, we have now delivered the program to dozens of Fortune 500 companies in Canada, and more recently, in USA.  The two-day program appeals to financial service firms, IT companies, manufacturing facilities …. anywhere that business people have the need to communicate with Clarity, Brevity and Impact.

We are pleased to be offering this particular course to our clients in the US given its global success. Think On Your Feet® is currently offered in 27 countries and the course content has been translated into 10 different languages.  For more information on how to Think On Your Feet®, visit our our Dynamic Communications page at

Bold New Directions is a Transformational Learning Organization co-founded by Suzanne Guthrie and Jim Hornickel. Between them they have 50 years of experience in facilitating group training in Communications Skills, Leadership Skills, and Resilience in the Workplace. You can learn more about them and their training, coaching, keynotes and retreats by going to