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Traveling in Circles

A dream or two barely stirs the otherwise dark void as body and mind recharge. Eight hours down; another sixteen to go.


The alarm goes off and the morning routine passes habitually: toilet, two cups of coffee, two slices of toast (a bit of jam to brighten the tastebuds), a goodbye kiss on the cheek, then the usual slow 45 minute commute. The radio news is the same; just the names have changed. A quick passing "G’morning!" to a few colleagues before catching up on emails. Don’t know where the morning went but soon enough, it’s lunchtime. So much to do; better eat at the desk. An afternoon meeting drags on, a few projects attended to, and the clock somehow grinds on until 5pm. The commute home is closer to an hour. Another peck on the cheek if at all, a 6:30pm meal with not much exchange, then some "Oh dears" during the 7pm news. "Jeopardy" gets you to 8pm, maybe a Reality TV show with innumerable commercials selling this and that at you, a bit of novel-reading in bed, lights out, and then that eight hour dark void recharge. The alarm goes off and the morning routine commences: etc., etc., etc.


Thoreau may have said it best: "Most men (and women jh) lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them."


Every moment of life is a choice. So why do so many people choose to lead muffled existences? You know what? That doesn’t really matter. What matters is you! The fact that you are reading a book on resilience says that you are different. Good for you. Celebrate that. But the more different you are in making enlightened life choices, the more you set yourself apart from the mainstream lives of quiet desperation. That is a double edged choice. Wise choices allow you to thrive. But you will probably have to collect new friends with more aliveness. You will most likely need to find a better match of work life and work place. The following topics and exercises are designed to support your success in living a road less traveled; to finding deeper purpose and meaning in life. And the greater your fulfillment, the greater your resilience. Let’s begin.





 No purpose; no destination.

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